Woodworm Control in Cambridge and Suffolk

Woodworm can be a seriously damaging problem to buildings and furniture, and is caused by the larvae of any wood-boring beetle. They invade and consume wood, then leave when they’re mature. Damage caused could weaken infrastructure, but it’s not just old buildings and furniture that can be affected.

How can I tell if I have a woodworm infestation?

There are a few tell tale signs that you have a woodworm infestation, some of which are:

  • Small round holes in woodwork, similar to that pictured above
  • Dust around the holes in the wood
  • Crumbly  edges to boards or joists

Pestagon Pest Control specialise in the identification and effective treatment of woodworm infestations in all scenarios. Our expert technicians will be able to provide relevant advice and assistance in woodworm control.


There are four main species of woodworm in the UK

The four main woodworm species

Common Furniture Beetle
This beetle is responsible for about 75% of damage to property.

House Longhorn Beetle
The largest and most damaging but restricted mainly to the southern home counties.

Wood Boring Weevil
Normally associated with damp timber and wet rot decay.

Death Watch Beetle
Attacks hardwood and a damaging borer in old buildings such as churches.


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