Wasp Control Cambridge

iStock_000003251505SmallWasps are a classic nuisance insect, and generally are a larger annoyance towards autumn. The UK sees several species however they’re all similar in appearance (with the exception of the hornet). They’re generally 10-20mm in length and bright yellow and black.

They create their nests in all types of locations – from sheds and bushes, to under roof tiles, garages and underground in your garden.

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Pestagon Pest Control can safely remove and control the existence of a wasp nest within your property. For a free, no-obligation quotation call the wasp management experts today on 01223 813 888.

Wasp Facts

  • Young fertilised queen wasps are the only wasps able to survive the winter.
  • Wasps are most aggressive between August and October.
  • Male wasps don’t have a stinger.
  • They are very sensitive to light.
  • When a wasp dies it releases a pheromone warning other wasps of danger and that it is in need of help.

To discuss your wasp infestation problem with experts in wasp control and management, call Pestagon Pest Control today on 01223 813 888 and speak with one of our technicians. We usually respond on the same day.