Rabbit Control in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk

rabbitDespite the UK being the third ranked country in the world for rabbits being kept as pets, they also remain a common pest problem in rural countryside areas.

Rabbits can be destructive – particularly to agriculture where they will graze and browse on vegetation – soil erosion can result as plant cover is damaged or destroyed rabbit pests. While rabbits are important to our ecosystem, too many can upset the balance.

At Pestagon Pest Control, we deploy a range of methods to control and remove pest rabbit problems from your premises. We can also provide professional and expert advice to help prevent pest rabbit problems in the future.

If you have a rabbit problem and you would like some help and advice to remove it, call Pestagon Pest Control in Cambridgeshire on 01223 813 888 and get a free no-obligation quote from our expert rabbit removal technicians.

Rabbit facts

  • The average heart rate of a rabbit ranges between 130-325 beats per minute.
  • Rabbits have 28 teeth.
  • They need fibre in their diet from foods such as grass to survive.
  • Up to 90% of young rabbits born in the summer will have died without human intervention.
  • Adult rabbits rarely venture further than 200 metres from the main burrow.