Pigeon Control in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk

iStock_000004227022SmallPigeons, commonly found in urban areas, are often seen as “flying rats” – causing highly dangerous health problems such as pigeon guano, ticks and mites. Controlling pigeons can become more difficult when the situation involves food, and breed faster where food is left and readily available to them.

Fortunately, Pestagon Pest Control’s team of expert pigeon controllers are able to fully assess your requirements and deploy the best possible solution to manage and restrict the risk of pigeon infestation at your property or business. The methods we use include installing bird spikes, bird netting and chimney cowls – but if you’ve been subjected to the mess they can leave behind we also specialise in pigeon guano removal, ensuring your premises is free from the health hazards pigeons leave behind.

Facts about pigeons

  • Pigeons have been known to to live for over 30 years
  • A fully grown pigeon has nearly 10,000 feathers
  • The fastest recorded speed of a pigeon flight is 92.5mph
  • Homing pigeons have been known to fly 700 miles in one day
  • Many city-based pigeons actually feed on grain in the country

If you would like to find out how Pestagon Pest Control can help you, call our expert pigeon control technicians on 01223 813 888 to discuss your requirements.