Pigeon Guano Removal in Cambridge and Suffolk

Pigeon guano – or feces, poses a public health and safety risk due to attracting blood-feeding insects and fungi which grows in pigeon droppings. Illnesses caused by pigeons and their droppings include meningitis, salmonella and various skin diseases. Problems linked with pigeons often include insects, rats, asthma and chest problems.

The fungus found growing in pigeon guano causes a disease called histoplasmosis – high exposure to the fungus through breathing it in can cause lung infections.

Great care should always be taken when removing pigeon feces, and at Pestagon our expert technicians can facilitate the removal and clean up of affected areas.

If you have a pigeon guano problem in the Cambridgeshire, Suffolk or Ely area and need it clearing up, call Pestagon Pest Control today on 01223 813 888 and arrange a free no-obligation quotation.