Hornet Control Cambridge

iStock_000010723647SmallHornets are a larger member of the wasp family and while they’re not necessarily as aggressive, they can be a lot more dangerous if they sting. In particular they can be life threatening to those who are allergic to stings, and could cause anaphylactic shock.

Hornets have a yellow and dark stripe pattern, and can be up to 4cm in length, and they will generally defend their nests by stinging and biting. Their nests can be found in outdoor areas such as trees or shrubs, or in the eaves of roofs.

Pestagon Pest Control can safely remove and control the existence of a hornet nest within your property. For a free, no-obligation quotation call the hornet management experts today on 01223 813 888.

Hornet facts

  • The only reproducing member of a hornet colony is the queen.
  • Males die soon after mating with new queens.
  • Most hornets in a colony are workers, who make the nests.
  • Hornets feed on tree sap, flies, bees and other insects.
  • Hornets do not attack humans, unless they are threatened.