Cluster Fly Control Cambridge

Pestagon Pest Control Cambridge, control clusterflies in Cambridge, Haverhill, Saffron walden, Ely, Newmarket.

Cluster flies, not to be confused with the common house fly, are slightly larger and vary between 6mm – 10mm in length. Their flight characteristics are more sluggish, and they tend to cluster together in large numbers – hence their name. During cooler weather they tend to hibernate within buildings of any type, and this is where your problems may begin.

Fortunately they are not known to carry diseases in the UK, but they can be a nuisance. While the fly swat would work wonderfully for controlling house flies, cluster fly infestations require more drastic action. Pestagon Pest Control can offer suitable advice and carry out appropriate targeted treatment to eradicate the problem.


Facts about cluster flies

  • Cluster flies will come back to the same cluster area year after year, and release pheromones to attract other cluster flies
  • Adult females lay eggs loosely on damp soil, beneath dead and rotting leaves
  • They spend the warm months away from buildings, but seek shelter and hibernate in properties and walls when it gets cooler.


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