Pest Control For Pubs In Cambridgeshire

British Pub

At Pestagon Pest Control, we offer a professional pest control and management service for pubs in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. We work proactively with all of our public house customers requiring our pest management service, and ensure they not only stay pest-free but also receive the most up-to-date and relevant advice from our experienced pest control technicians.

Pubs, regardless of location, possess a significant risk of infestation from mice, flies and rats. The risks present themselves in kitchens and cellars, where food and drink supplies are prepared and stored. Our expert pest control technicians can advise and install appropriate pest and rodent prevention measures in your pub, complying with food safety, health and safety and COSHH regulations.

Equipment such as electric fly killers installed in your kitchen, for example, can be installed to reduce the risk of flies contaminating food being prepared for your customers.

Pestagon Pest Control can provide essential and professional advice and assistance with your pub pest management strategy in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Ely. Call the pub pest control experts today on 01223 813 888 for a free no-obligation quotation.